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PuMP workshop breakout session with sticky notes listing their performance target struggles

How to Set Performance Targets That Motivate

How do you feel when you hear the word ‘target’ at work? Angry? Nervous? Fearful? Excited? Motivated? Competitive? That’s the funny thing about performance targets: we often have an emotional response to them, based on whether or not we believe we can meet them. Are these emotional responses healthy?

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Hand with measuring tape around it emphasizing measuring strategic priorities

The #1 problem CEOs have with measuring their strategic priorities.

It’s time again for the quarterly strategy review meeting and the executive team has gathered to discuss progress. Most CEOs have become used to receiving the following report-outs:

  • A financial report comparing standard financial measures from this quarter to previous quarter and to the same quarter last year
  • A round of good news about the major action items that have been completed or business won
  • And some major action items that are not “on-track” because the VP intimates the team needs more time and money.

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Okrs vs KPIs examples and difference between them

OKR vs KPI: How do they compare?

Organizations have been struggling to set and measure their goals for as long as the planning industry has been around. Add the rapid growth that can occur in tech companies and goal setting can become even more difficult.

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Man looking at PuMP Blueprint workbook

5 reasons why I love the PuMP® Blueprint

By the time I came across the PuMP® Performance Measure Blueprint and it’s creator, Stacey Barr, I had already been in the workforce for 20 years, become vice president of a 500 million dollar company, worked at an Olympic games and consulted for five years.

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Your first step towards evidence based leadership

Your first step towards evidence-based leadership

Leaders seem to invest an inordinate amount of time in developing strategy and plans, but neglect to provide a systematic approach and direction for their employees to successfully execute and measure the impact. Yet, more and more leaders say they want to make more evidence-based decisions.

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Louise speaking on KPI Dashboards at PuMP Blueprint Workshop

3 Steps to a better KPI dashboard

Do you struggle to get the right measures on your KPI dashboard?  Well, you are not alone. One of the most frequent questions I hear is “How do I build a KPI dashboard that people will use?”

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PuMP Blueprint Webinar Invitation

Free Webinar: Bad KPI Habits

You know what they say, don’t you? If you want a different result you have to change your approach. If you want performance measurement to be easier, faster, more engaging, more meaningful AND to hit more targets, you have to change your approach.

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What is a Performance Measure, Really?

Have you heard people throw out terms like Key Performance indicators (or KPIs for short), metrics, indicators, and measures? And have you secretly wondered what they really mean? Truthfully, this …

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K.I.S.S. Your Goals!

Four simple steps to improve the execution and performance measurement of your strategic goals Want your teams to deliver more impact and do less “busy work” in 2017? Then K.I.S.S. …

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Results Mapping Strategic Planning in PuMP Performance Measurement Workshop

How to Remember Your Strategic Plan

Want your team to remember your Strategic Plan? Have them draw it!

When executing a strategic plan, leaders universally complain of the lack of early adoption.  Leaders thought it might be the size of the strategic plan, so the “one page strategic plan” emerged.  Leaders summarized that if there is less information to read, employees will be more likely to remember and apply it. 

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