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No one can predict the future, but a good strategy increases your likelihood for success

Let’s face it. Most organizations struggle with strategy. They have trouble creating, communicating, executing and measuring it; and then leaders are deflated when the strategic plan collects dust on the boardroom shelf.

What’s going on? We’ve found that common practice is getting in the way of successful strategy:

  • Confusing strategic direction with strategy execution by loading strategy with actions
  • Using corporate jargon, fuzzy language, and vague ideals to document your strategy
  • Selecting a strategy framework because it is currently trendy
  • Skipping the important steps that build buy-in and deepen strategic thinking

At Adura, we bring a rare perspective to our facilitation that improves your strategy.

Not only do we specialize in strategy formulation, we also bring a deep expertise in execution and performance measurement. Our depth and knowledge of frameworks will meet your specific challenges, whether you’re with a for-profit, not for profit, or government agency.

The Adura Perspective

We recommend your entire leadership team participates in this program

Our Promise

Our Promise

The value we deliver during strategy development is being clear and focused on the endgame – a strategy that empowers your leaders to focus on what matters most and your teams to own their part in execution. Here are the four promises that drive our approach:

Making your strategy lean and simple is not “dumbing it down.” Simple is much harder. We help leaders wrestle through the complexity and articulate their strategy in easy-to-understand and results-focused language. No jargon, no confusion. Just simple clear direction.

Strategy is about the future and change. Dealing with the unknown is hard, so we design conversations that encourage leaders to test deeply embedded assumptions, challenge the status quo and awaken a future of possibility. It isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it.

The business world is alive with strategy frameworks and no “one size fits all.” The wrong fit can confuse more than help. As strategic facilitators, we merge our expertise in frameworks, business and practical applications with your leaders’ expertise and needs. The result: a custom-designed process that delivers results and a high return on your investment. 

We could write your strategy or give you KPIs, but then they would be ours and what good would that be? The magic happens when we bring what we know, together with what your people know and co-create at every step of the journey. That way everyone lands on the same page, uses the same language, and heads in the same direction.

Here’s how we get started

Whether your current strategy needs a sharper focus or you’re starting from square one, we help shine a light through the complexity by using our 4-step approach to establish our scope of work and the process to reach our endgame.

Step 1


We work together to identify your strategy strengths and diagnose what has been causing your struggles in the past so we can improve the process this time around.

The Steps

Step 2


We bring our deep knowledge of strategy and frameworks to customize an approach for your organization that aligns to your timeline and budgets. We call this The Plan For The Plan.

Step 3


We design and facilitate strategic conversations, matching the right tools to help us reach great outcomes while working with your leaders’ strengths every step of the way.

Step 4


We help build capabilities in your organization to document, communicate, execute and measure your ruthlessly focused strategy so departments and teams can achieve the results that matter most.

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When the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.

Abraham Maslow

Our Toolbox

Our mighty tool box

We match the right tools to the strategy conversations your leadership needs to have.

Tools for strategy development

  • Environmental Scanning Design and Integration
  • Results-Focused Strategy
  • Mandate-driven Strategy
  • Playing to Win Strategy
  • Balanced ScoreCard Strategy Management
  • Business Model Canvas (Strategyzer)
  • Value Propositions that Drive Strategy
  • Growth Strategy Formulation
  • Corporate Values Development (behavior-based)
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Some of the industries Adura Strategy has worked in:

  • Media and Communications
  • Tourism Marketing Organizations
  • Lottery and Gaming
  • Regulators (Health to Oil & Gas)
  • Housing Sector
  • Agriculture
  • Post-Secondary Institutions
  • Economic Development
  • Biotech
  • Transportation and Airports
  • Public Safety
  • Insurance
  • Forestry, Resources and Equipment
  • Food Service and Care Homes
  • Foundations and Charities
  • Municipalities
  • Entrepreneurs


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