Stacey Barr is the creator of PuMP

Stacey Barr is an internationally recognized specialist in organizational performance measurement and creator of the PuMP® methodology.

Stacey has specialized in organizational performance measurement since 1993, and the PuMP® framework is a culmination of all her most practical learning and innovations. The methodology reflects her innate sense of practicality, approachable communication and the need for balance between the technical and human/social sides of performance measurement.

Stacey has always been comfortable with numbers, never needing to study for A’s in high school mathematics and starting her career as a research statistician. Today, Stacey spends most of her energy helping executives and senior leaders, along with their planning and performance professionals to lead the creation and use of meaningful, results-oriented performance measures that transform the culture and achieve organizational goals. Stacey currently lives in Samford, Queensland, Australia. Learn more and visit Stacey’s website.