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Evidence-Based Leadership Program

Executives learn the principles, habits and mindsets needed for evidence-based decision-making

Evidence Based Leadership program run in house by Adura
Evidence based leadership

Why do we need an Evidence-Based Leadership program?

To prove, and to improve your strategic impact

Leading an organization to high performance is not about getting things done. Ticking boxes is not evidence of impact. We only get evidence of impact by measuring results or outcomes.

Firstly, it’s important to objectively prove that your organization’s mission is being fulfilled, its vision is being realized, and its strategic goals are being achieved.

Secondly, it’s important to improve the organization’s systems and processes, to increase strategic impact, through high-leverage strategic initiatives.

To prove and to improve your strategic impact, you must measure.


Too often, strategy has no measurable impact

It’s very common for leaders to struggle to measure and prove the impact of their strategy:

  • Strategy is hard to measure meaningfully, because it’s so broad and intangible.
  • Strategic initiatives and improvement projects don‘t show direct contribution to strategy.
  • People are not engaged in aligning their work to the corporate strategy.

Evidence-based leaders know what to focus on, what to monitor and what to leverage to move an organization from guessing, to knowing, and then to performing.

Evidence-based leaders know how to create a culture of high-performance and measurable success.

It’s not about how to lead, it’s about what to lead

Evidence-based leadership means that Executives
practice and master these three habits of high

  • Direction: setting a measurable strategy
  • Evidence: meaningfully measuring what matters
  • Execution: executing strategy through leverage

And there are three organizational habits of high performance that Executives inspire, embed and support to build an engaged, high-performance culture throughout the organization:

  • Decision: everyone owning the strategy
  • Action: everyone getting the right things done
  • Learning: everyone turning failure into success

Evidence-Based Leadership is the roadmap to fulfill
your mission, achieve your vision, and reach your strategic goals, sooner and with less effort.

Impact, execution, direction, and evidence strategies

The Evidence-Based Leadership program is where to start

The Evidence-Based Leadership (EBL) framework is detailed in Stacey Barr’s book, Prove It! And it is the methodology that underpins the design of the EBL Program.

Adura EBL Program Cover

The advance online training, combined with the 2-day EBL Workshop, gives your leaders the practical skills and mindsets to clarify, measure, cascade and execute your strategic direction, with deep engagement from everyone. The workshop is hands-on, and expertly facilitated using practical, proven steps to:

  • Make your strategic goals measurable and easier to communicate
  • Develop the first iteration of your organization’s results map
  • Design meaningful measures that are evidence of the results
  • Explore a dashboard design that drives your organization’s strategy execution

EBL Framework

Your investment

We recommend your entire leadership team participates in this program, to get the most ownership of your strategy and most consistency in its execution.

Program packages could include:

  • Online, self-paced EBL training to fit leaders’ schedules (approximately 3 hours in total). Workbook included.
  • Expert facilitation of the leaders’ in-person or virtual, interactive EBL workshops (time investment depends on the package selected)
  • A virtual mentoring session with your facilitator following your workshops
  • Copies of Stacey Barr’s Book Prove It!

Your Investment

We recommend your entire leadership team participates in this program

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