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The Measures Immersion Workshop

Accelerate your organization’s design of more meaningful measures.

The Measures Immersion Workshop to help you create better KPI's

You have invested in building your organization’s KPI capabilities and now you are ready to get the evidence you need for better decision-making during strategy execution.

During the Measures Immersion Workshop, your teams and leaders have their own personal PuMP facilitator and coach who leverages their talents, skills and knowledge to build better measures, more quickly.


About The Measures Immersion Workshop

Together, we shift leaders’ mindsets in a way that fundamentally improves how an organization communicates, measures and executes their strategy

What leaders do in the workshop:

  • With expert licensed PuMP facilitation, teams and leaders apply the PuMP step by step Measure Design process that results in the strongest, most feasible measures for the organization’s most important performance results
  • Plan next steps
  • create buy-in to your organization’s measures
  • apply the feedback to improve your measures
  • review how to ensure measures’ data is accurate and consistent

The Workshop’s Purpose

  • To work with your team and leaders to design strong and feasible measures for your most important strategic goals and objectives (now written as performance results)
  • To prepare to get buy-in for and feedback on these newly designed measures.

The Workshop’s Outcome

  • Quantified measures that have a name and description that alludes to the measure’s formula
  • The team is prepared to host its first Measures Gallery and receive feedback from stakeholders

Measures Immersion

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Who the measures immersion workshop is for:

  • Organizations that have a few people trained in the PuMP KPI Approach
  • Leaders who want to accelerate the design of strong and feasible measures, while building their team’s measurement capabilities.


$15,000 plus applicable taxes and expenses

This fee includes:
Advanced preparation, leader interviews, client coordination, meeting design, expert facilitation of up to 12 team members*, and post-session briefing notes
*more team members can be added for an additional fee

Choose a platform:

  • In-Person: two-day workshop in a collaboration-friendly venue
  • Virtually: three five-hour half-days delivered on a collaborative online platform

The pre-requisites for the workshop:

  • You have started to translate your strategy into performance results
  • We agree on an approach to pre-session interviews with leaders
  • At least one person in the organization is trained in PuMP®
Measures Immersion workshop using the  PuMP KPI Approach

If you feel excited by the prospect of accelerating the design of strong and feasible measures for your strategic performance results, get in touch with us now.