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Strategy work takes courage. If leaders don’t go through the struggle, they’ll never get to the triumph. I navigate the messy middle with my clients so we can open up and co-create what’s possible.

Louise Watson | Adura Strategy Inc.

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We are strategists at heart

At Adura Strategy, we embrace that the future is and always will be uncertain. Our clients may not be able to control everything, but they have loads of influence on creating a better future for their customers, their organization and our world. It is in this confluence between the present and future that Adura Strategy skillfully helps clients develop, communicate, cascade, execute and measure strategy. It is focus and intention that increase our client’s chances of achieving the future they so desperately want.

About Us

What we do

We are a North American consulting and training organization with a Canadian head office, formed in 2007 to help leaders take on the future.

  • We help Boards and executives develop a clear strategic direction that inspires the hearts and minds of the entire organization because is it so easily understood
  • We empower leaders to communicate organization-wide results so their teams can articulate and own their part in achieving them
  • We train and coach leaders and teams in a practical KPI approach that produces analysis and insights they can trust to make decisions 
  • We build capabilities in how to use the lens of measurement to drive more powerful execution

The PuMP® Performance Measure Blueprint is exclusively represented in North America by Adura Strategy Inc. 

Learn more about the PuMP KPI approach by downloading the following White Papers.

What we believe

Strategy is not a “check box” activity, where leaders get together once every few years to come up with a set of goals. To be successful, strategy and the achievement of it must be intentionally discussed and embedded into the organization so teams see it as real work that they can own and influence.

Our Beliefs

Adura's beliefs about strategy execution

Our Promise

Our Promise

The value we deliver during strategy development and measurement is being clear and focused on the endgame – a strategy that empowers your leaders to focus on what matters most and your teams to own their part in execution. Here are four promises that drive our approach:

Making your strategy lean and simple is not “dumbing it down.” Simple is much harder. We help leaders wrestle through the complexity and articulate their strategy in easy-to-understand and results-focused language. No jargon, no confusion. Just simply clear direction.

Strategy is about the future and change. Dealing with the unknown is hard, so we design conversations that encourage leaders to test deeply embedded assumptions, challenge the status quo and awaken a future of possibility. It isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it.

The business world is alive with strategy frameworks and no “one size fits all.” The wrong fit can confuse more than help. As strategic facilitators, we merge our expertise in frameworks, business and practical applications with your leaders’ expertise and needs. The result: a custom-designed process that delivers results and a high return on your investment.

We could write your strategy or give you KPIs, but then they would be ours and what good would that be? The magic happens when we bring what we know, together with what your people know and co-create at every step of the journey. That way everyone lands on the same page, heads in the same direction and uses the same language.

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Our Team

Louise Watson Portrait

Louise Watson

President of Adura Strategy

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Maureen Pilgrim

Client and Project Support

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Katt Stearns

Marketing and Tech Support

Our Partners

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Stacey Barr

Founder of PuMP and EBL

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Founder of Practical Reporting