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Deepen your skills and confidence when implementing PuMP back at work

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Congratulations, you learned a new KPI approach when you took PuMP training and now you are back at work putting it into practice.

Don’t worry, it is totally natural that when you apply PuMP’s new techniques at work, you still need to think carefully about how to do it.

In fact, you are not alone. People commonly face the following bumps as they start to implement PuMP:

  • Writing results as plain language outcome statements
  • Building their first Results Map and keeping it focused
  • Engaging teams and leaders in the PUMP process
  • Creating Measure Designs for tricky, intangible goals
  • Developing and interpreting their early XmR charts.

At this point you may be thinking: “If only I could just talk this PuMP implementation step through with someone – get a few tips, review relevant resources, bridge my knowledge as I practice.”

We developed our coaching packages specifically for you, right now.

Coaching designed to meet you where you are and build your confidence!

Your personal PuMP learning facilitator works with you to:

  • Move your PuMP project forward
  • Be a sounding board for your ideas
  • Guide your PuMP step work with tips and templates
  • Share personal experiences and learning

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Learn More About Our Coaching Packages

Coaching One-on-One

This session is designed to assist a client who has a specific issue or step that can be addressed with one or two people taking part.

  • One stand-alone 45-minute session: $475.00 + tax
  • Package of four 45-minute sessions: $1700.00 + tax

Coaching with a Group

This session is designed to assist representatives of multiple measure teams who want to address the same issue or step together.

  • One stand-alone 75-minute group session: $975.00 + tax
  • Package of four 75-minute group sessions: $3700.00 + tax

Quick Win coaching for Measures Teams

This series of sessions is designed to assist one measures team as they implement PUMP steps in sequence, using one of their organization’s goals.

  • Package of five 75-minute group sessions: $4550.00 + tax

Which Coaching approach is right for you?

There are some decisions you need to make to determine if personal or group coaching is right for you.

  • How many people? Do I need coaching for just me or for a larger group?
  • How many PuMP steps? Is this a single deep-dive or do we need a few conversations over time? Is it for one step or multiple steps?

What to expect from your coaching?

  • We plan for our coaching session(s) in advance to determine date(s) and approach
  • We discuss the coaching process, including what challenges you are experiencing and the timeline for sending your PuMP step work and questions in advance.
  • After our session, we provide follow-up materials to deepen your practice

If you have questions about PuMP Implementation Coaching, email us.