Strategy Execution

The Results Immersion Workshop

Make your existing strategy easier to communicate, measure and execute.

Adura offers a results immersion workshop designed to help make your strategy easier to communicate. measure and execute.

After spending weeks developing their new strategy, too many leaders fool themselves into thinking their strategy is perfectly clear to those tasked with executing it.

One fundamental problem is the way strategy is written. The language used is more likely to confuse, overwhelm and discourage the people you are expecting to achieve it.


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“When my CEO is in the room, I seem to understand the strategy. After she leaves, I am back to guessing”

New client team member shares her past experience

  • Teams are confused by the corporate jargon, fuzzy language, and vague ideals that fill the plan’s pages and they are too nervous to ask. Words like world-class, resilient, efficient, sustainable, high-quality, engaged, excellence, innovative (you get the picture)
  • Teams are overwhelmed by the volume of pages, pretty pictures and verbose content so they don’t know what is most important to focus on or align to. Sometimes, the reverse happens, and the content is so brief teams don’t have enough detail to make sense of what really has to change within their work
  • Teams are discouraged by lists of projects and actions listed in the strategy that provide no sense of direction and after a few months become irrelevant.

The Results Immersion Workshop’s Purpose

To shift leaders’ mindsets in a way that fundamentally improves how an organization communicates, measures and executes strategy.

What leaders do in the workshop:

  • With expert licensed PuMP® facilitation, leaders translate the existing strategy into performance results through a proven and rigorous conversation process that develops new leadership skills
  • Map the performance results translated from your vision, mission and strategic goals so what is most important to achieve, and the relationships between them, are clear to all
  • Plan next steps
  • create buy-in to your organization’s strategic direction
  • design meaningful measures for your strategic direction
  • cascade your organization-wide results to your departments

The Workshop’s Outcome

  • A sense of relief from the clarity that now exists
  • The first iteration of the organization’s strategic direction linked on a map, visually connecting the strategic goals to the mission and vision. It is elegantly simple, but not simplistic.
  • The strategy is now measurable, but not yet measured (that comes next).

Results Immersion

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Who the results immersion workshop is for:

  • Your Board and/or Executive Team who have an existing strategy, or
  • A Senior leader of one department or division who wants to improve how they align their team to strategy and improve performance.


$15,000 plus applicable taxes and expenses

This fee includes:
Advanced preparation, leadership interviews, client coordination, meeting design, expert facilitation of up to 12 leaders*, and post-session briefing notes, with a draft results map.
*more leaders can be added for an additional fee

Choose a platform:

  • In-Person: 2-day workshop in a collaboration-friendly venue
  • Virtually: Four half-days delivered on a collaborative online platform

The pre-requisites for the workshop:

  • You have an existing strategy or business plan
  • We agree on an approach to pre-session interviews with leaders
  • At least one person in the organization is trained in PuMP® (preferred)
Strategy results immersion workshop for leaders and executives.

If you feel excited by the prospect of taking your existing strategic plan and translating it into a clear, focused strategic direction, get in touch with us now.