11 03, 2015

Using 4 ‘D’ Words to Make Time to Measure What Matters

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I have been coaching four measures team recently as they practice putting their own strategy through Stacey Barr’s PuMP® Performance Measurement 8-step process. A common struggle for employees is finding time in their busy workloads to improve their approach to performance measurement so that they have the insights they need to make meaningful progress.  Though [...]

11 03, 2015

Why CEO’s Fail: my recount of meeting Mark King, Adidas North Amercia

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This January, I had the opportunity to facilitate at the PMA’s Leadership Symposium where I worked alongside leader extraordinaire Mark King, President of adidas North America as he delivered a MARK-talk worth recounting. TED should have been watching. Mark will soon celebrate one year as President of adidas North America, but it was his stories [...]

11 03, 2015

Worried you are not using your strategy enough? 4 steps to jump start it!

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When was the last time you worked with your strategic plan? If it is 6 months or more you should be concerned and it is time to get curious as to why. Your team invested time, money and energy into the plan’s development and these are not things you intended to squander I’m sure. So what part of the process has caused the plan to start to collect dust on your boardroom shelf? Jump start it! With these simple steps revive your strategy, recover some of the energy and drive better results?

8 09, 2014

The Single Best Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Strategic Planning.

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Stop writing your strategy in vague, ambiguous, weasely language! For some reason using corporate-speak (also known as weasel words) to communicate strategy has become common practice. So why do people who develop strategy think they need to use weasel words? In my experience, it is usually one or all of the following four reasons...

8 08, 2014

Get uncomfortable! 4 reasons why it’s important for your strategy’s success

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Most humans don’t enjoy being uncomfortable and that is why the armchair is one of the best-selling pieces of furniture. Ahh, you can feel the comfort setting in. But leaders who want to be great strategists must resist the desire to be armchair planners. Here's a few reasons why you may want to push yourself beyond your comfort zone more often

1 10, 2012

Making strategy a habit

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Successful execution depends on more than the annual strategic planning event. Strive to make your strategy “dust-free”. If you want your investment in strategic planning to be a catalyst for success, you need to stop thinking of planning as an annual event and instead embed the strategic planning process into your organization’s culture and day-to-day habits.

6 07, 2011

Move your strategy into action

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In my conversations with business executives, I am often impressed with the effort, thought and, in many cases, creativity that has gone into the development of their organizations’ strategic plan. When I share with them my passion and experiences for engaging teams in translating that corporate strategy into action, they will inevitably share their own struggles at trying to get their strategies adopted.