What is a dashboard really?

If you have attended one of my 2020 PuMP Blueprint Training workshops, you will have heard me mention Nick Desbarats of Practical Reporting.  Nick’s name comes up when we discuss performance dashboards, specifically when we explore the common practice of comparing two points of data and how it, too often, gives us the wrong information that drives an incorrect response!

Nick delivers data dashboard design and visualization courses around the world, and when I asked if I could interview him for my blog, he generously agreed. I’ve posted the link to my interview with Nick (12 minutes), and if you have ever struggled with creating useful and useable dashboards that are fit for purpose, you’ll definitely get some inspiration from our discussion.

A few nuggets:

  • Does the word “dashboard” have a universal meaning?
  • When leaders ask for a dashboard, what are they really asking for?
  • What is the difference between performance dashboards and status monitoring?
  • Could your dashboard be performing like a Swiss Army Knife?

Earlier this year, I took Nick’s course, “Practical Dashboards”, and found that it perfectly complements the training I deliver with Stacey Barr’s PuMP Blueprint. His content and delivery were both exceptional! (more about Nick’s courses here).