Top 3 struggles people have with performance measurement and KPIs

Are you struggling to find the right KPIs to measure your strategy?

Do you want to have more people buy-in and take ownership of improving performance?

Great measures focus people on the results that matter most, but most organizations don’t have them because people struggle to develop and use performance measurement well.  

These are the top 3 struggles! Why we struggle wth performance measures graph

  • People struggle to measure a strategy that seems immeasurable with words like efficient, effective, sustainable, quality, reliable and productive
  • People struggle to find measures that meaningfully track progress on results, not activity
  • People struggle to get people engaged in measurement, so they buy-in and take ownership in improving performance

If you’ve experienced any of these struggles, you will realize that measuring the same thing over and over again won’t provide you with different results.  Instead, you have to change your measures.

To get great measures, you need to stop doing the things that are not working and use a new approach designed to address and overcome these struggles.

That approach is the PuMP® Performance Measure Blueprint, created by Australia’s Stacey Barr and offered in Canada by Louise Watson, Adura Strategy.

The PuMP® Blueprint is a rigorous and practical methodology that details how to:

  • Clearly communicate goals to your team so they truly understand what they are trying to achieve
  • Generate loads of buy-in and excitement in your team for measuring and improving performance
  • Create useful and meaningful measures of performance that people use and value
  • Make lasting improvements in performance rather than putting Band-Aids on symptoms
  • Get tight alignment of measures to strategy, and not waste effort on irrelevant KPIs
  • Measure those intangible goals that are too important to track with trivial counts or milestones
  • Streamline your measurement and reporting process to reduce cost and effort

The PuMP® Blueprint Workshop will give you practical know-how in measuring performance, without the struggle!

At the workshop, you will:

  • Explore the bad habits that are holding you back from designing and using useful KPIs
  • Discover the how-to tools and new techniques that will put a stop to the struggles you are having now
  • Practice the tools and techniques so you go back to work knowing how to implement what you’ve learned
  • Connect with other organizations to form a community of practice as you continue to improve your performance measurement process back at the office.

Here are a few testimonials from previous attendees:

“Louise, your PuMP® Blueprint Workshop was certainly one of the most “ready to use” and useful tool sets I have ever been given via training.”

~ A. Martin, Federal Government employee, June 2016

“I have attended many training sessions, but your PuMP® Workshop was one of the very best ones. Thank you for a very valuable couple of days.”

         ~ Association Board Chair, January 2016

To discover more about these upcoming workshops or additional performance measure workshops checkout our workshop page.