How to Start a Conversation about improving Performance Measurement

Many of our colleagues and managers feel cynical about performance measurement because of their past experiences and current struggles. So we often need to reinvigorate their support before we can get the training, the systems and the resources required for developing more meaningful performance measurement.

It is important to give our colleagues and leaders new hope, a promise that there is an easier and more meaningful way to measure performance, and that doing so will truly transform the organization and their strategy execution process.

Over and over again, I have successfully used the PuMP® Mind Map Exercise to help executive and operational teams explore what is getting in the way of their success; and introduce a fresh approach to overcome these struggles.

It is a quick and easy exercise to do (with a small amount of preparation) and people love the cathartic effect of learning they have shared struggles.

With September coming up, it may be just the time to re-ignite hope in the possibility of having more meaningful performance indicators (KPIs). If you want a great starting point, we are giving you the PuMP® Mind Map Exercise!

Download the PuMP® Mind Map Exercise White Paper for details and directions.

The PuMP® Performance Measure Blueprint was created by Australia’s performance measure specialist Stacey Barr. Louise Watson of Adura Strategy is Canada’s Official Partner and Licensed PuMP® Blueprint consultant.