Destination Canada puts PuMP® into Practice

Gloria Loree is the Executive Director for Global Marketing at Canada’s tourism national marketing organization.  Gloria and nine members of her team and agency attended the Vancouver PuMP® Performance Measurement Blueprint Workshop earlier this year. After a few months of working with them to de-weasel their strategic plan, build a results map and design more meaningful performance measures, I was so pleased to be invited to their Measures Gallery in September.  Helen De Faye, Global Content Leader, shares the team’s experience.

“Our measures team was not sure exactly what to expect heading into our first measures gallery; but, the guidelines outlined in the PuMP® framework certainly set us up for success. Hosting the measures gallery in an open space really encouraged participation and led to a deeper level of engagement with other Destination Canada (DC) team members. The room was buzzing with discussion, and we had a constant stream of people flowing throughout the two-hour session. We had some people who stayed nearly the entire time, thoughtfully going through the details of the four-step process and engaging in discussions around each element of performance measurement.

 Our measures team found it extremely valuable to receive input from so many different perspectives. As a result of this open dialogue, we have adjusted the wording in one of our performance measures and will explore broadening the data sources used for another. The gallery has also given us a common performance measurement language, which is beginning to be used by the broader DC team.  The “de-weaseled” translation of our corporate vision into the results map is being leveraging for our 2017 planning and is providing a strong framework for clear decision making and focus to our efforts.

 The measures team is excited to now work on the rollout of our performance measurement definition and reporting. We are feeling confident, coming out of the measures galley, that we have the buy-in required to ensure a successful implementation.”