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My hour with Terry McBride: Simple

What would you ask Vancouver’s music, yoga and business guru if you had one hour?
I was lucky enough to have this quandary thanks to a recent fundraiser I attended and a silent auction I won. I parted with a bit of cash for a good cause and received my own coffee meeting with Terry at his favourite coffee shop.


Worried you are not using your strategy enough? 4 steps to jump start it!

When was the last time you worked with your strategic plan? If it is 6 months or more you should be concerned and it is time to get curious as to why.

Your team invested time, money and energy into the plan’s development and these are not things you intended to squander I’m sure. So what part of the process has caused the plan to start to collect dust on your boardroom shelf?

Jump start it! With these simple steps revive your strategy, recover some of the energy and drive better results?