Tips to help you develop and achieve your strategy

Measurement Bliss

It’s easy to focus on all that goes wrong with measurement in our workplaces, on all the negative feelings and experiences people have and, as a result, avoid using them.  …

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Balanced Scorecard: What is it? What it is not

Scorecard, scoreboard, strategy framework, performance management, strategy maps: common terms which can easily be misunderstood, misused, and confused. So, let’s get some clarity when it comes to the Balanced Scorecard; …

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Better Measures: If not now, then when?

The much-respected consultancy, McKinsey, recently published “What matters most? Five Priorities for CEOs in the next normal”.  In their fifth priority “Operate with purpose”, the authors drove home the importance …

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Women shhh to help quiet the noise

Filter out the Noise to Improve Decisions during Strategy Execution

Strategy execution is about choosing actions that improve performance Strategy execution is not simply about allocating resources to get actions and projects done.  Strategy execution is about closing the performance …

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Don’t let buzzwords render your strategy meaningless and sabotage your execution.

Your number one audience for your strategy is those whose responsibility it is to take on the change needed to achieve your organization’s desired future. Buzzwords are their enemy because this fuzzy language leaves employees guessing at the real meaning of the words and the leaders’ expectations. Corporate jargon inflicts huge damage on a leader’s ability to communicate, prioritize, and measure the strategy.

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What is a dashboard really?

If you have attended one of my 2020 PuMP Blueprint Training workshops, you will have heard me mention Nick Desbarats of Practical Reporting.  Nick’s name comes up when we discuss …

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