Strategic Planning & Execution

You don’t just want to get things done. You want to get the right things done.

Strategic Planning Process

This is where strategic planning comes in: it takes you on a journey from where you are now to where you want to be. And you want to move along this path as effectively as possible (maybe even having some fun along the way, building capacity within your team and learning more than you thought possible).

So before you dive in, here is an overview of the six strategic planning phases that increase your chances of picking “the right things to get done” and achieving the future you want.


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The Six Phases in Your Strategic Planning Process

Click the diagram below to explore the six phases of the strategic planning process. On a mobile devices swipe left and right with your finger.


So where do we start?

Best case, you have the time and the resources to take on all six phases. In reality, most organizations have to make some compromises about what they do this planning cycle and what they will do deeper next time. Every organization has unique circumstances and it is not a “one size fits all” process. So how do we choose?

Get started by planning for the plan

Strategic planning is a journey that involves people’s time, energy and budget. To avoid common pitfalls and increase your return on investment, we suggest you take the time to plan the strategic planning process.

What you will achieve by completing this step:

  • Roles and responsibilities are clearly laid out
  • A timeline is set
  • Past planning has been evaluated and learning incorporated
  • Existing information has been collected and reviewed
  • The scope of planning work has been articulated
  • Expeditors and barriers have been identified.
Strategy Mapping

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