Our Partners

Navigo Consulting And Coaching

Vancouver, BC

Navigo’s team of highly experienced consultants have a broad range of leadership development and change management experience and share a common belief: the way to achieve exceptional business results is to align people at all levels with the goals of the organization. Navigo’s belief may be simple, but they’re seasoned enough to know that putting it into practice isn’t always straightforward. People and organizations are complex, especially during times of change. Navigo partners with organizations to facilitate the changes in leadership, strategy and action needed for successful business performance.

Stacey Barr, Performance Measurement Specialist and Creator of PuMP® Performance Measurement Blueprint

Brisbane, Australia

Stacey’s passion is performance excellence, in all facets of life. And she believes that measuring performance is the single most powerful force for achieving excellence in anything. Stacey’s purpose is to help people get tangibly clear about the results they intend to achieve in their business or organization, to know how to recognize if they are achieving those results, and to know how well they are achieving those results.

People struggle a lot with doing this well, mostly because of some bad habits that have become common practice. With PuMP®, she helps people replace these bad habits with an easy, fast and engaging approach to measuring their business performance.

Balanced Scorecard Institute

Cary, NC, USA

The Balanced Scorecard Institute provides training, certification and consulting services to commercial, government, and non-profit organizations worldwide. The Institute applies their extensive knowledge gained from hundreds of consulting assignments and 5,000 trainees in balanced scorecard, strategic performance management and measurement, strategic planning, and change management to help executives, managers and analysts transform their organizations into “performance excellence” organizations.