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Louise speaks to audiences of executives, managers, strategy professionals and performance specialists in both conference and in-office settings. Topics help participants demystify why they struggle so much with measuring performance, as well as inspire and equip them to develop more meaningful measures that accelerate the organization’s performance.

Her style is lively, practical, and casually interactive with an emphasis on participatory activities and some presentation of method. Louise speaks on the topics below, tailored for your audience, and with 90-minute or 3-hour options (either on-stage or online).

Review a few strategic plans from various organizations (likely even your own) and you’re bound to find goals, critical success factors, objectives and other items that ought to be measured, are written in vague, fluffy language. Words like effective, efficient, sustainable, engagement, productivity, quality, innovative and valuable make it almost impossible to choose appropriate performance measures. The problem is not that these types of results are immeasurable; and that, unknowingly but devastatingly, a critical step in the measurement process has been left out. So much time is wasted by choosing inappropriate measures for less tangible results, or by failing to measure them at all.

This interactive session reveals what this critical step is to making your vague, intangible goals much easier to measure meaningfully. You will also be briefly introduced to the 8 common struggles with performance measurement and possible new habits that will help you overcome them.

The primary reason we struggle to measure performance meaningfully is a collection of bad habits people have when it comes to performance measurement activities. And they’re habits most people don’t even know they have! Find out which of these bad habits you have, and how to change them for much more successful performance measurement practices, so you can find the most meaningful KPIs, faster and easier.
There are 3 embedded practices in organizations today that prevent people from buying in to the strategic goals and KPIs. These practices are at the root of the cynicism and apathy they feel toward the company strategy and even their own goals, and no amount of communicating and consulting will fix this. Find out what these practices are, and what to do instead to build a performance culture where everyone is excitedly contributing to business/organizational success.

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The 2-day PuMP® Performance Measure Blueprint Workshop provides practical and proven step-by-step techniques to help leaders, strategy professionals and performance specialists make their goals measurable, find meaningful performance measures, engage staff in measuring and improvement performance, and use measures to drive performance excellence.
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