PuMP® Blueprint Programs & Services

Are you struggling to make your performance measurement more meaningful?

Want to stop wasting time and design measures that really matter?

Irrespective of your organization’s size, sector, industry or geographic location, it’s highly likely you have similar struggles with measuring performance as just about everyone else. This commonality of struggles is what inspired performance measurement specialist Stacey Barr to develop the PuMP® Blueprint and why Louise Watson brought this practical 8-step framework to Canada. As Stacey Barr’s Official Canadian Partner, Adura Strategy offers programs and coaching to help you and your organization build capacity to measure what matters.

Overcome your KPI struggles – forever

PuMP® Blueprint Public Workshop

Most people – whether executives, managers, analysts or strategy and performance professionals – struggle to develop and use key performance indicators (KPIs) and measurement well. This performance measurement workshop is designed to help participants develop more meaningful measures, get true buy-in to performance measurement, align measures to strategy, and use measures to drive process improvement. Participants are introduced to the bad habits that are at the root of their struggles and then learn new better practices. Delivered through an 8-step process, the PuMP® Blueprint workshop emphasizes practical techniques, conversation guides, and real-life case studies, with time for practice. What participants learn is action-based and not “pie-in-the-sky” theory.

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Get your colleagues PuMPed

PuMP® Blueprint In-house Workshop

The best way to transform the performance culture of your organization is to keep growing the number of em-ployees who really understand the true purpose of performance measurement and aspire to do it well. Bring the PuMP® Blueprint Workshop into your workplace and have a licensed PuMP® expert build your organization’s capacity to develop and use measurement to drive performance.

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Lead your organization to higher performance

The Evidence-Based Leadership Workshop

As business or government leaders, it’s easy to forget that performance is not about strategic plans, culture surveys, managing talent, and KPIs. Performance is about reaching your goals, fulfilling your mission, and achieving your vision sooner and with less effort; but too often, we struggle to know if our strategy is having any measurable impact. This two-thirds of a day Executive Workshop gives your executive team the practical framework to lead high-performing organizations. The workshop is delivered in your workplace through a combination of in-session discussions, case examples, hands-on interactive activities and practical activities using your strategy.

Build your Results Map faster

Results Immersion Workshop

The most effective way to accelerate the development of more meaningful measures is to bring in the help you need to translate your strategy and build your results map now. A licensed PUMP® consultant works with you and your organization’s leadership team over two days to produce a set of strategic results, linked together on your first results map. At the end of this fully interactive workshop, your measure teams will be set up to confidently move to measure design.

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Your own personal PuMP® coach and mentor

PuMP® Coaching One-on-One and for Groups

Have you ever had a situation where you thought, “If only I could just call someone and talk this through…get a few tips…bridge my knowledge…?” Now you can. Virtual coaching with a licensed PUMP® expert is a flexible, easy and fast way to overcome the challenges standing in your way of your progress. Choose between a coaching session where you speak privately with a PuMP® expert (one-on-one) or a coaching session set up to help multiple measure teams address their issues (group).

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Help your clients boost their KPI know-how

PuMP® Blueprint Hosted Workshop

Whether you’re a business intelligence company, an industry association, or a management-consulting firm, you know that many of your clients or members struggle with performance measurement. Host a PuMP® Blueprint workshop for your clients and build invaluable good will.

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If you don’t find a PuMP® Blueprint Workshop, program or service you are looking for, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss other options.