PuMP® Performance Measurement Blueprint

performance Measurement Training

The Why of Performance Measurement

Measures do not exist in a vacuum. They work in tandem with your business strategy:

  • To make razor-sharp what is most important to achieve in your strategy (for the bottom line and the customer)
  • To help teams move away from judging each other’s performance and move towards improving the organization’s performance
  • To provide teams with the information and feedback they need to assess if the actions they are resourcing are having an impact or not. And if not, then what?

Why do organizations typically struggle with performance measurement?

Organizations everywhere struggle to find meaningful performance measurement that links to their business strategy and provides the business intelligence they really need to adapt and change over the lifetime of their strategic plan.

All around the world executives, managers, as well as strategy and performance professionals find measuring business performance an ongoing struggle. They struggle to:

  • Easily find meaningful, results-oriented measures
  • Get true buy-in to performance measurement
  • Strongly align measures to strategy
  • Measure those seemingly-immeasurable intangible goals
  • Report measures to make the right actions obvious
  • Use measures to drive improvement and reach targets

We struggle because we have bad habits. Habits we likely aren’t even aware of.

The struggles we have with performance measurement are always associated with a common set of practices. These practices have become bad habits. But when they are replaced with the techniques and templates of the PuMP® Blueprint, the struggles ease.

performance Measurement Training

How can PuMP® help you overcome your struggles?

The PuMP® Performance Measurement Blueprint is an 8-step framework to help redesign your performance measurement process and make your strategy more measureable. Each of the eight steps in PuMP® deals head-on with the struggles we have in measuring performance. These steps replace the bad habits that cause the struggles with much easier, faster and more engaging new techniques.

Pump performance Measurement 8-step process

What specifically will PuMP® change for you?

Adopting the PuMP® 8-step process will help your organization:

  • Make your strategy measurable and easier to communicate
  • Design performance measures that are far more meaningful
  • Develop ownership and buy-in from staff and stakeholders
  • Bring measures to life with a consistent, rigorous approach
  • Design insightful and actionable reports and dashboards that focus discussions what maters most
  • See the real signals from your measures about whether performance is improving or not
  • Make measurement about transformation, not about blame or covering up poor performance.
  • Achieve what matters most!

Learn PuMP® now, and end your performance measurement struggles

As Canada’s only Licensed PuMP® Performance Measurement Blueprint Consultant, (through Stacey Barr Ltd.), Adura Strategy and Louise Watson help organizations overcome their performance measure struggles by delivering workshops and coaching:

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