PuMP® Coaching – One-on-One


Who is it for?

Have you ever has a situation where you thought, “If only I could just call someone and talk this PuMP® implementation step through, get a few tips, get more resources, bridge my knowledge? All you have to do is book a call with me and we can have a one-off coaching session for 1-2 people. This coaching package is reserved for those who have taken a PuMP® workshop. See details below.


Product Description

Who is it for?

This option is for 1-2 people only.

Coaching is designed to assist you to more easily and confidently implement what you have already learned about PuMP®. PuMP Coaching is available only for Louise’s customers who are implementing PuMP®, and who have learned the PuMP® Performance Measure Blueprint via a workshop.

Why do it?

Implementing PuMP successfully takes practice because performance measures and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) just don’t seem to come naturally to people.

In fact, there are several challenges people commonly face as they start to implement PuMP for the first time:

  • Getting results into plain language
  • Knowing exactly what to put in their Results Map
  • Keeping their Results Map focused
  • Engaging colleagues in the PuMP process
  • Creating Measure Designs for tricky, intangible results

If you’re facing challenges like these, or even different challenges with putting PuMP into practice, I can make it easier for you by helping you to…

  • Kick start your PuMP project
  • Be a sounding board for your ideas
  • Guide you with tips and templates
  • Share my own personal experiences and learning

What happens?

We’ll use web meetings and email to work together. The web meetings use a screen share service called GoToMeeting, which means we can both work on your PuMP® templates together, on our computers, as we talk.

Now, you may worry it won’t be as good as in-person meetings, but in fact it can be even better.

  • Hardly any distractions, so it’s easier to focus
  • No time wasted in travel or preparation
  • Take part from anywhere you have an internet connection

There are two ways we can work together:

  • One-off discussions, for you to book as you need me
  • A series of discussions, to work on a bigger goal together

One-off discussions

Have you ever had a situation where you thought, “If only I could just call someone and talk this through…get a few tips…get a template…bridge my knowledge…?”

All you have to do is book a call with me, and email me a summary of what you want to discuss.

Ongoing coaching

After we’ve worked out what your immediate goals are with regard to your PuMP implementation, there’s a chance we may agree to begin an on-going relationship.

We’ll likely talk once every one to three weeks, for up to 45 minutes, on the phone. Sometimes I’ll have a little ‘homework’ for you, but mostly you’ll work in between calls on actions you’ve chosen.

Fees and guarantee

$475 CDN + GST

  • for one 45 minute call
  • valid for 1 month from date of purchase
  • payable by credit card or Interac bank transfer, in advance


Booking a time to get started

All you have to do is email me at louise@adurastrategy.com and let me know a little about the kind of help you’re after, and whether you’d like a one-off discussion, some laser coaching or if you’re thinking about on-going coaching. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours with some dates and times.

Terms and conditions

Personal coaching, not groups

The PuMP® Coaching is one-on-one coaching only, one main issue per call. If you have one colleague you’d like to sit in on the calls, please arrange this with me prior. This coaching is not available for group calls. See the section at the end if you are looking for a group call format.

One-off calls: If you just want to talk through one very specific issue.

  • one 45 minute call
  • you will call me on my office number or we can use gotomeeting.com at a mutually agreed upon, pre-arranged time
  • valid for 1 month from date of purchase


Time zones: I’ll make every effort to schedule coaching times that are convenient for you. However, please note that I work in the Pacific time zone, and schedule calls accordingly.

Money-back guarantee: If you don’t find my help was useful for you, I will refund your payment.

Want to have more than 1-2 people on the coaching session?

If you want to have more than 1-2 people take part in the coaching sessions, then we offer a format that helps multiple measures teams address a similar problem in one particular PuMP® step, at the same time. We call it the Quick Win Webinar Series. This program is designed to support your early PuMP® implementations so they can be a great success. Success means that you and your measures team grow your confidence and skill in developing great performance measures.

To guide you through your first PuMP® Quick Win, we’ll have a series of coaching webinars, each one tailored to addressing your challenges in a PuMP® Blueprint Step. Your Measures Team can send me their work from the Step you’ve just implemented, and I will then prepare you for the next step you’re about to implement.

These coaching sessions use a webinar format and last 75 minutes. Pricing can be provided when you are booking your in-house workshop, or after you return to your workplace and find you would love to have someone coach you through the trickier spots. Email hello@adurastrategy.com for pricing options.

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