Calgary PuMP® Performance Measure Blueprint 3-Day Workshop June 3rd – 5th, 2019


Workshop Fee $2,850

The PuMP® Performance Measure Blueprint Workshop helps you overcome the struggles that are standing in the way of designing and using more meaningful key performance indicators (KPIs).  During the first two days of this special edition workshop, you are introduced to the 8 common habits that cause your performance measurement struggles and then learn new practices and techniques to replace these bad habits. You will walk away with “can-do”, not just “know-how” that you can take back to your workplace and start improving your measurement process right away (no matter what methodology your organization may currently be using). The emphasis of the workshop learning is on practical techniques, clear templates, and real-life case studies that help you adopt the new habits needed to overcome your current struggles.  On the third day, participants practice the new techniques with their own organization’s material (see below for more details).

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Product Description

Calgary PuMP® Performance Measure Blueprint 3-Day Workshop

Workshop Dates: Monday, June 3rd, Tuesday, June 4th and Wednesday, June 5th (8:30 AM – 4:30 PM Monday and Tuesday, and 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM on Wednesday)
 Delta Calgary Downtown 209 Fourth Avenue SE, Calgary, AB, T2G 0C6 Google Map Directions

During the first two days, participants learn the PuMP® Blueprint 8-Step process and practice new techniques with a real-life case study. Day three of the workshop is an “Implementation Day” where participants practice translating their own organization’s goals into results and then practice designing measures (with the live guidance and mentorship of Louise).

Overview: Great measures focus people on the results that matter most. But most organizations don’t have great measures. They don’t have great measures because they are held back by the struggles people often have with performance measurement and KPIs:

  • Struggling to measure a strategy that seems immeasurable with words like efficient, effective, sustainable, quality, reliable and productive
  • Struggling to find good measures that meaningfully track progress on results, not the activity
  • Struggling to get people engaged in measurement, so they buy-in and have ownership in improving performance.

You cannot get great measures by doing the same things you have always done. To get great measures, you need to stop doing the things that are not working and use a new approach designed to address and overcome these struggles.

That approach is the PuMP® Blueprint, created by Australia’s Stacey Barr

PuMP® is a rigorous and practical methodology that details how to:

  • Clearly communicate goals to your team so they truly understand what they are contributing to
  • Generate lots of buy-in and excitement in your team for measuring and improving performance
  • Create useful and meaningful measures of performance that people use and value
  • Make lasting improvements in performance rather than putting Band-Aids on symptoms
  • Get tight alignment of measures to strategy, and not waste effort on irrelevant measures
  • Measure those intangible goals that are too important to track with trivial counts or milestones
  • Streamline your measurement and reporting process to reduce cost and effort and cycle time

The PuMP® Blueprint Workshop will give you practical know-how in measuring performance, without the struggle!

At the workshop, you will:

  • Discover the how-to tools and techniques that will put a stop to the struggles you are having now
  • Practice the tools and techniques so you go back to work knowing how to implement what you learned
  • Connect with other organizations to form a community of practice

“Louise, your PuMP® Blueprint Workshop was certainly one of the most “ready to use” and useful tool sets I have ever been given via training.”          

             A. Martin
            Public Safety Canada

 “Louise has a great grasp of the performance measurement do’s and don’ts. I can immediately apply the learnings from the workshop. Highly recommended.”

           Philip Morin
          Customer Officer
           SAP | Global Business Operations | Cloud Operations Trust Center

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Workshop fees:

Following are the fees for the 3-Day PuMP® Performance Measure Blueprint Workshops. All amounts are in CAD please add applicable taxes of the province where the workshop is delivered.

Full 3-day Workshop Fee: $2,850 + TAX.

Groups:  $100 discount per person when two (2) or more people from the same organization register for the same workshop on one order. Use coupon code ‘group100’ when registering.

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