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Louise Watson is a strategic planning facilitator and experienced communicator who works with boards, executives, and employees to develop strategic plans that are “dust-free”.

Louise believes that the most important benefit of planning lies in the process itself – when strategy is no longer an annual cloistered event, but an open, iterative process that becomes a good corporate habit, embedded in the culture, and leads to more engaged employees producing better business results. She provides the frameworks and the facilitation skills that foster team engagement, encourage strategic thinking, leverage corporate expertise and allow constructive debate. Her co-creative approach means she isn’t an expert in your business, but always an expert inquisitor that challenges the status quo, tests deeply embedded assumptions, and awakens the possible.


  • She brings to her consulting practice 20 years of business and marketing experience, including a senior executive position on the leadership team of Western Canada’s two largest daily newspapers.
  • She is certified in the Balanced Scorecard Performance Management System through the Balanced Scorecard Institute
  • She is Canada’s Licensed PuMP® Performance Measurement Blueprint Consultant, through Stacey Barr Ltd.
  • She is certified in EQ (Emotional Intelligence) in Action, and is a trained facilitator
  • She holds her undergraduate degree from University of British Columbia; has studied abroad at the University of Oslo, Norway and George Washington University in Washington, DC and completed executive education at UBC’s Sauder School of Business.

Louise also instructs the following courses:

Areas of expertise: Strategic planning; facilitation; strategy mapping; team alignment for strategic execution; co-creative measurement development; customer value propositions, strategic plan writing and communications; customer and stakeholder engagement; Balanced Scorecard, performance measurement, and strategy audits.

Louise is an experienced, multi-faceted, lively facilitator who knows that the best outcomes are achieved when groups can release their knowledge, expertise and intuition in safe environments. But because this rarely occurs spontaneously, she specializes in developing the compelling questions, well-designed processes, and respectful interactions that allow members to share, explore, bridge, and collaborate.


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