Our Commitment

In order to create new results you have to take new actions. To create new actions we have to create a new way of thinking.

We Are Curious First

We start by asking questions and listening deeply. We learn about what you value most in the planning process, as well as what success looks like for you at the end.

We Lead With Clarity

There is no bigger enemy to a dust-free strategy than lack of clarity: in language, in roles, in process and in what is most important.

We Co-Create

You bring the business and industry expertise. We bring tools, frameworks, facilitation skills and tough questions to foster team engagement, encourage strategic thinking, leverage corporate expertise and allow constructive debate so that the process is successful.

We Involve

Participation leads to ownership so we build in opportunities for non-executive employees and stakeholders to take part, provide expertise and feedback all along the way.

We Build Capacity

We plan for our exit by using every opportunity to leave behind new capabilities and ways of thinking that help you carry on successfully.

We Focus On Practice Not Perfection

We encourage you to pull smaller triggers so you practice, learn and build on your adaptive skills. We examine what you are bumping up against so we can move past it.

We Promote Measurement For Good

No more fear or judgment!  We believe measurement is about measuring performance and offer a process that helps you overcome both the technical and human barriers that companies face.

Progress Excites Us

It truly does: the hair raises on our arms when we witness “Aha” moments, breakthroughs, and achievement of what is most important to you. We know it is hard work, and so progress needs to be celebrated!