Adura Cares

Every year, Adura gives a portion of our profits to a community organization that we believe has outstanding strategy that is executed with excellence. For 2013 and 2014, we chose YWCA Metro Vancouver and directed our gift to the YWCA Single Mothers’ Support Services.

YWCA Metro Vancouver

YWCA Metro Vancouver has been providing Single Mothers’ Support programs for 27 years. Currently, there are eight groups in Vancouver, one in Burnaby and six groups in Surrey and the Fraser Valley. Single Mothers’ Support Services is a well-respected resource and mothers are often referred to the programs through social service agencies, schools, counseling services and other organizations that serve low-income families. Through weekly meetings at local community centres and neighborhood houses that provide child minding to ensure access, single mothers are able to connect with other women in their communities, becoming personal supports and role models for each other. These facilitated groups link women with parenting resources, affordable housing referrals, financial literacy, legal and financial support and education and employment programs – ultimately helping to chart a successful path to personal and economic independence.

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